Brand Guide

Your brand’s logo is just one component of your entire brand package. The brand guide, a somewhat formal name for this whole enchilada, includes visual and verbal messaging components and serves as an owner’s manual for what you should say in your marketing efforts, how you say it, and what you should make it look like so your marketing and messaging will be consistent every time.

Like most everything we do at Sage Marketing Group, creating the brand guide begins with putting the words together. We identify and create messaging components based on your current brand and what you would like it evolve to be. Then we add the visual components of fonts and colors, explanations of logo and image treatments, and other facets related to your brand. And we package it up into a neat little electronic document that’s ready for use by anyone inside your company or out that will be marketing your brand.

Visit our portfolio to see some sample brand guides that we’ve created for our clients.

Logo Design Examples

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