Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing flips the traditional outward-bound marketing model on its head. Rather than casting a campaign net wide and capturing a handful of interested customers, affiliate marketing offers an inward-bound model where countless numbers of potential affiliates can capture the attention of their respective audiences and drive traffic back to your product or service.

Your affiliates are your Brand Ambassadors. They’re raising awareness for your product or service, shouting from their digital rooftops why any individual out there should be on board with your product. The best part? You have folks creating buzz in the digital landscape for you, and reeling in new fish for you to nurture and sell in a once-saturated pond.

Sage Marketing Group can launch and manage your affiliate marketing program wherein both the sales process and management process become automated. This reduces your cost of sales. Similar to pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you only pay for results. Your affiliate partners Earn Per Action (EPA), meaning they earn a commission only after a customer has completed a specific action, like making a purchase. You promise to dish out a piece of the pie and your affiliates work harder to collect the ingredients. You can expect to leverage the web’s buzz-worthy culture and capitalize on your brand equity and sales.

Sage Marketing Group makes testing advertising campaigns and gaining consumer insights easy with an affiliate marketing program. How responsive are customers to a particular product line? Are they interested in one particular service over the other? Are they more inclined to buy it bundled with other products? Developing new ads and messaging and sending them out to affiliates will give you greater insight on which marketing campaign is most effective from the perspective of the customer, whether you’re targeting the right customer, and which channels are most effective to deliver this messaging.

Finally, Sage Marketing Group will also manage your business’s affiliate partnerships. If you’re a publisher that has content to monetize or are interested in endorsing third parties, you should get a piece of their pie. Sage Marketing Group will identify affiliate marketing opportunities and nurture these partnerships as an added, performance-driven revenue stream.

Affiliate Marketing

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