Club Loveland at Orchards: Web Design and Branding

Bryan Oldham

Sage Marketing Group has created dozens and dozens of websites over the years. When you take our love for brand building combined with the passion our clients feel for their businesses, you get the perfect storm of beautifully designed, highly-functional websites that convey a story.

Club Loveland at Orchards is one of our most recent projects. A website built from the ground up, this gym undertook the daunting task of rebuilding and rebranding what was once a staple in the fitness community of Loveland, Colorado. Their building was once known as Orchard Athletic Club, which shuttered its doors in 2012 and sat vacant for about five years before the Club Loveland team stepped in to take over.

With a mission to bring a legitimate full-service health club to Loveland, the team went all in, focusing entirely on renovation and creating the finest fitness center in the area.

When Club Loveland came to Sage Marketing Group, the goal was to take this fledgling brand, backed by those with experience in the industry, and ensure longevity and visibility, all wrapped up in a beautiful website. If we do say so ourselves, it looks pretty great. Here’s a look at some of the things we kept in mind when starting this web design project.

Ground-Up Design and Branding

When a company enters what most consider a saturated market, creating differentiators can be the make-or-break factor. When it came to Club Loveland, we saw the opportunity to utilize the founders’ past brands, tweak them, and incorporate it into a brand new website design and brand concept.

The idea of a full-service health club is not new, but ensuring you stand out among the crowd is critical. Some of the highlights you’ll notice are:

  • Sleek color scheme: not flashy or in your face, and different from many other gym color schemes you’ll find.
  • Approachability: this is a gym for all fitness levels. You don’t have to be a Crossfit savant or a professional triathlete to train here.
  • Value: You won’t be slighted. When you pay to be a member at Club Loveland at Orchards, you’re absolutely getting your money’s worth.

While those are just the tip of the iceberg, it’s a great starting point to show how the team at Sage MG created a sense of community and a know-how in the industry for Club Loveland.

Responsive Fitness Class Schedule

Incorporating a calendar on a website can be tricky. Sometimes they are static, while other times they don’t populate correctly, leading to inaccurate times or faulty popup information boxes.

On Club Loveland at Orchard’s site, our web development team created a responsive calendar that not only is easy to update on the site’s backend, but provides a seamless user experience. You can click on any day of the week, explore the class, and add it to your Google calendar in just a few clicks. Doesn’t get any easier than that!

Custom Drop-Down Menu

At first, it may not strike you as something important, but an easy to read and navigate website menu can make all the difference between someone coming back and looking at your amenities and going to another gym entirely.

With CLaO’s website, we sought to create a menu that was intuitive and didn’t get in its own way, which is why the fade-in and out was an exciting feature for us to be able to include. The menu doesn’t come roaring out at you, but you know when it’s on its way. The design strikes a balance between differentiating from the rest of the site, while also sticking to the branding overall.

Offerings for Different Athletic Levels

A new gym is an exciting prospect for a lot of people. Apart from New Years’ resolutions, the opening of a facility can be the push someone needs

Club Loveland decided to have a little bit of everything. Easy to say that a fitness club has something for everyone, but what works for a Powerlifter may not be the same as what works for a marathon runner. However, Club Loveland nipped that in the bud and created a gym with so many different options and amenities, there is no one who can’t approach this and find what they need.

Lifting platforms, Olympic-sized swimming pools, TRX bands and training classes, the list goes on. The challenge was creating a brand that showcases all of these amenities, without making it look like your average health club. The Club Loveland website does a great job presenting these options and giving a little preview to fitness aficionados and newbies alike.

There’s a lot to love with Club Loveland at Orchard, and their website and branding is what we at Sage Marketing Group are most proud of. A great client, a great mission, and a great project! If this looks like something you might need help with, give us a call or drop us a line and receive some Sage advice, guidance, and marketing from the best digital marketing agency in Fort Collins!

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