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3 Mind Blowing Modern Web Trends

Summer 2017 Edition: A Look at What’s Hot on the Web

Welcome to the first edition of Sage’s Current Web Design trends! We’ll take a look at what’s super hot on the web at the moment, and hopefully provide you all with a bit of inspiration for what can be accomplished in the wide world of website design.

Big, Bold Intro Statements

A big, splashy top section for front pages is super in right now. Whether it’s a super nice example of photography, an illustration, movie clip, or even just a solid color, it’s official: a big, punchy title or tagline is very common right now. This is often coupled with a fun bit of interactivity, such as animation that follows your mouse, or a scrolling effect. Here are some examples:

Vibrant Color Schemes

Perhaps it’s just the natural inclination of designers to turn go for a big splash of color once the temperature starts climbing, but we’re seeing a lot of bold hues out there. Pinks, purples, pastels and creative uses of duotones are cropping up all over.

Really Cool Responsive Treatments

Since just about everyone has a smartphone these days, and over half of all internet traffic now comes from mobile users, it definitely pays to have a sharp responsive website. These sites look great at any size, and feature some really cool ways of transforming to fit the size of the screen.

Wrap Up

There you have it, the top 3 design trends of the summer of 2017! Stay tuned for more insight into current web design trends from your friends at Sage Marketing Group

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