Hit ‘Em in the Inbox Part II: Creating AdWords Gmail Ads

Anne Smith, The Optimizer

In a previous blog, I talked about targeting customers with AdWords Gmail ads to Hit ‘Em Right in the Inbox Where It Counts. This time I’ll answer the question I left you with: Where do those terrific Gmail ads come from?

Gmail ads begin their lives in a collapsed form with a business name, headline, and short description peeking out just enough to entice potential customers to click. They display above the Gmail inbox on desktop or in mobile so they don’t get lost within the message lists. When someone is enticed to click on the ad, it expands to email size and reveals the full video, image, text, or form contents. Calls to action can include clicking to your website, to an app marketplace, or to make a phone call, if the user is on mobile.

What about pay-per-click? Your AdWords account is charged for the initial click to expand the ad. Once the ad opens up, the clicker can watch your video or click through to your website at no additional cost to you.

Create Gmail Ads Using AdWords Templates

AdWords Gmail ad templates make it easy to create beautiful image ads whether you have a graphic designer on staff or not. Four different templates allow you to test ad formats to determine which one most effectively delivers your message.

Gmail Ads Templates

Photo: Google

  • Single Image – A single image fills the expanded ad to grab attention and deliver your message. Interested persons can then click through to your website landing page for more information.
  • Single Product Promotion – Got a video on YouTube? You can pull it into your ad! A video or single image helps draw attention to these ads, which can be further customized with colors, a product description, and a call-to-action button.
  • Multi-Product Promotion – For up to six products or styles, this ad offers multiple images plus short descriptions and call-to-action buttons to send clickers to customized landing or purchase pages.
  • Catalog Promotion – Think magazine ad with this template, which you can use to create a descriptive, media-rich presentation of your products using video or photos. Customize with descriptions and call-to-action buttons to deliver users to integrated landing or purchase pages on your website.

Create Gmail Ads Using Custom HTML

For complete control and customization over your Gmail ads (okay, Google does have some specifications that you need to follow), you can create custom ads using HTML that mirror the design of your landing pages. These ads can include video, embedded forms for encouraging sign-ups or downloads, and phone numbers (click-to-call for mobile users). Multiple calls to action direct potential customers to the specific landing page that matches their interest for a smooth, seamless purchase process.

Clickable – and Shareable!

AdWords Gmail ads provide an enticing way to deliver a message about your product or business right when potential customers are typically open to receiving messages. And unlike regular search or display AdWords ads that vanish as soon as you turn the page, Gmail ads are shareable – interested clickers can forward them on to other interested clickers just like an email.

We encourage you to take a look at adding Gmail ads to your marketing arsenal, and if you need any help with ad creation, management, or just some overall guidance, we would be happy to help.

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