Paradigm Fresh, a Colorado produce distributor responsible for the wholesale delivery of fresh produce from farmers to the grocery stores and restaurants, launched a new venture in spring 2017 to connect consumers direct with farmers. They regarded Facebook as the platform that has always been touted an audience builder with untapped revenues, but wondered if advertising through it would prove successful. Sure, meal-delivery services like Blue Apron and grocery delivery services like Direct Fresh and even King Soopers promoted through social, but would consumers be keen on keeping it local with Paradigm?


We put it to the test with a targeted offer claims campaign specific to the local markets along the Front Range that Paradigm Fresh would deliver 2x as fresh produce at 30% less cost to consumers weekly or bi-weekly. We developed a targeted audience that zeroed in on their grocery purchase patterns and interests. And, we positioned mouth-watering creative and a hard to resist offer: 25% Off First-Time Orders! The offer claim objective allowed Paradigm Fresh to reach potential first-time customers while building brand awareness at little to no risk for either party.


The results from the campaign were, dare we say, so fresh! Within the first 6 weeks of the campaign running, hundreds of individuals claimed the offer. Overall revenues picked up by 22% where Paradigm Fresh hailed a 406% return on investment for advertising on Facebook alone. Needless to say, we’ve kept this campaign running strong for fruitful gains all around.

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