How to Populate Social Media and Send Emails with a Blog

Jeremy Parks, Creative Technology Director

Anyone who’s worked on an email marketing campaign knows there are lots of moving parts, including content creation and available time. One way to streamline this process is to use RSS feeds as well as marketing automation features found across many online services. Below, I will give a quick overview of how this works and how it benefits your digital marketing.

It starts with a blog, preferably hosted at Blogger, Tumblr, or WordPress, but your company can choose from dozens of other blog services. Besides housing ongoing posts, a blog generates an RSS (Rich Site Summary) Feed. The RSS Feed can then be picked up or subscribed to by third-party services and readers. This allows for writing blog posts that automatically push to other areas of the web like social media, e-mail marketing, and even SMS text message.

Once you’ve setup your blog, you’ll want to decide where you want to share your articles or posts. A basic setup would involve automating your blog posts to appear on your social media channels with unique messages preceding it. These social media posts will typically contain a blog summary, sometimes a featured image, and a link back to the full blog article. Besides the ability to share your post with a larger audience, the inbound links to your site also have search engine ranking value. As Inbound Marketing specialists we see sites of all sizes using marketing automation to distribute and amplify their content.

There are several services to do the above, each with their own pros and cons. To further share your blog posts you can send them to your email list. Every time a new post is published an email goes out, sharing your post in its entirety or as a summary and link. Once setup, you don’t have to login and send out emails, rather you only write posts and your email clients knows to pull the latest posts from your RSS feed. Many of the popular e-mail marketing services have this feature, including MailChimp and Constant Contact.

As you might see from above, a little automation goes a long ways and saves a lot of time. You write articles and posts, put energy into optimizing for search, engagement, and conversion with strong calls-to-action (eg. complete a web form, take readers to a related post, sign up for emails, etc.) and they appear on your audience’s preferred platform (eg. Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS), creating a much wider reach as well as bringing increased traffic to your blog or site.

We are constantly tweaking our practices to keep up with the changing landscape of email marketing and can help you with all the aspects: Planning, Reaching, Acting, Converting, Engaging. Start boosting your online awareness!

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