Integrated Marketing Communications Services from Sage Marketing Group

Integrated Marketing Communications: Making it Look and Sound Like it Came from One Place

Once your brand identity and messaging is in place, the goal is to use them consistently for everything. Following the direction of the brand guide, every ad, brochure, website, social media post, vehicle wrap, tattoo, and any other piece of marketing should use the same logo, image style, fonts, etc. to help consumers make a connection between that piece and your brand.

If your brand gets to be big enough, you might be able to get away with a swoosh, an arrow smile, or a white f in a blue box and people will make the connection. In the meantime, because people get bombarded by marketing messages all day every day, giving them a consistent reminder certainly helps.

Whether we developed your brand guide or you had another firm do it, we can work within it to create consistent communications and further the recognition and impact of your brand.

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