Using Brand Message Definition to Say What You Really Want to Say

You may have a good grasp of what your brand is but you have a hard time putting it succinctly into words. Can we help? You betcha. That’s where a good brand message definition proves to be beneficial.

Typically, the brand messaging we provide for our clients includes defining:

  • The Why, the How, and the What of your brand. (If you’re a fan of Simon Sinek and his Golden Circle like we are, you’ll know what we mean.)
  • The Brand Positioning to identify and communicate your brand’s uniqueness, especially as compared to your competition.
  • The Brand Cornerstones to identify the adjectives that are the foundation for your brand and help describe your cause – why your brand exists.
  • The Single Net Impression to define the most compelling reason someone should develop an emotional attachment to your brand.
  • The tagline or themeline to give you a memorable phrase that helps people remember the benefit of your brand.

We also typically identify key words and phrases that describe your brand just to make sure that when people talk about it, they’re talking about it the same way.

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