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It All Started With Two Cans And A String

Discover the Power of Referral Marketing

Reception over string can be spotty, so if you didn’t hear, we affiliate market like bosses by connecting your brand with the people who can help it shine. Who are these humans? They’re your brand advocates and your customers! They understand the value of your product and service and are passionate about what you do. They’re the guys posting on social media, creating YouTube videos, and writing blog posts about your stellar mission and offers, creating buzz, driving more traffic and sales on your website. We’ll get you set up from A to Z, identifying brand ambassadors, creating incentives and rewards, and tracking the data every step of the way.

Hold the phone. Let’s wrap our mind around how this works.

Ever heard of theSkimm, the daily newsletter that gives you all the news and then some so you’re ready for the day? Their Skimm’bassador program is a way for their readers and subscribers to connect with theSkimm and share it with others in their community, helping theSkimm grow their subscriber base through word of mouth on and off the internet. Their Skimm’bassador’s sport swag around town and then share their unique links on social media, blogs, and email to help drive up acquisition rates. In return, theSkimm rewards their Skimm’bassadors with exclusives and early access to their partner brands and… you guessed it, more swag.

You can compensate however you’d like. It can be monetary, it can be for a chance to win a trip to Bali, or for a snake venom removal kit. Whatever you choose, your incentive will motivate your referral network!

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