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Advertising and Media Strategy: It Takes More than Just One Ad

We get asked occasionally if we can create and run one ad for a brand one time in one publication. Sure, we can, but we also advise that it’s not a great idea. Advertising is still all about reaching the right audience the right number of times to get them to notice your ad and decide they want to investigate what you have to offer. One time in one place usually doesn’t cut it. That’s why there’s a strategy that goes along with effective advertising and media placement.

Based on the audience you want to reach, the action you want them to take, and the budget you have to work with, we can create a media plan to meet your goals that fits tidily within said budget. We may recommend print ads, online display or video ads, pay-per-click ads, television or radio ads, social media ads, or advertising in other media depending on the size of that budget.

And then we can create the ads to sell what you need to sell while following your brand standards for appearance and messaging. Our goal is to get the reach and frequency you need to share your story with the widest targeted audience possible.

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