Turning Point a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping youth who struggle with behavior, mental health, or substance abuse issues came to Sage Marketing seeking guidance for search engine optimization (SEO). The premier organization didn’t have any search engine performance markers. Their competitors were well ahead in search engine rankings. Ultimately, Turning Point was losing out on website traffic, lead generation, and the opportunity to maximize their brand presence in Northern Colorado and beyond.


Our SEO Experts approached the situation with determination to turn Turning Point’s performance 360°. With an in-depth audit of the site health including time spent on site, search queries placed, and pages viewed during each site session, our team charted a plan to strengthen Turning Point’s clout on the web. Using optimization tactics both on- and off-page, adding meta descriptions, keywords aligned with search user behavior, and title and image tagging, among other vital content strategies, Turning Point took a turn for the better. The best in fact.


In just two weeks, Turning Point went from zero to hero. 50% more website traffic, more quality leads calling and submitting forms, users spending 70% more time on site and perusing 2x more pages. But while we all love more and fast, quality results that are quantified by a return on investment, the real Cinderella story here is we’ve kept Turning Point’s high 1st page rank steady and far ahead of its competitors month-to-month and year-over-year for terms like “substance abuse treatment programs” “substance abuse treatment for teens” and “dui classes” among many others.

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