About Us

The 411 on SMG

Sage Marketing Group is an integrated marketing communications agency in downtown Fort Collins, Colorado. Under our roof we have experts in website design, branding, graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing, search engine optimization, customer care, underwater basket weaving, and just about any ingredient required for successful results-oriented marketing.

Sage Marketing Group - Fort CollinsFor help with your marketing, you could hire different companies to provide different aspects – a marketing strategy company, a web design firm, an SEO expert, a company that specializes in search engine marketing – and deal with zillions of meetings and phone calls and invoices and all the chaos that typically goes along with working with a whole bunch of different companies.

Or you could work with Sage Marketing Group. One company. One contact. And one consistent message delivered for your company using an infinite number of tactical combinations and Jedi mind tricks.

We can help you with the overall marketing strategy to the creative concepts to the production of individual components, because we believe marketing campaigns are most effective when they are integrated, and they integrate the best when they come from one source.