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Trademarking Logos Created on Canva header image, hand holding phone with logo on it

The Trouble With Trademarking Logos Created on Canva

  Trademarking Logos Created on Canva Canva is a free (with a paid option) online graphic design tool that is …

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woman holding donuts over her eyes for the blog human-powered marketing header

Human-Powered Marketing

HUMAN-POWERED MARKETING Humans continue to play a crucial role in marketing despite the advancements in technology and automation. Our 100% …

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social media best practices blog header image. pink background with three citrus lollipops for decoration

Social Media Best Practices

  Social media best practices: sage advice Maintaining an authentic and effective social media presence is crucial for business owners …

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ai in marketing

AI in Marketing

Title: The Evolution of Marketing: Embracing the Impact of AI Introduction to AI in marketing: In today’s digital era, marketing …

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facebook business page admin

Facebook Business Page Roles

  Setting up your business’s Facebook page the correct way will save you from future headaches. There is a right …

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yes we're open

Don’t Go Dark with Your Marketing During Tough Times

Don’t go dark with your marketing, especially during tough times like we’re experiencing. If there is ever a time your customers need to hear from you, it’s now

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digital door

Ensure the Digital Front Door to Your Business is Welcoming

Your digital marketing strategy is critically important now more than ever. Learn how to make the digital front door to your business welcoming to customers.

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ensure the digital front door to your business is welcoming

Marketing Ideas to help Your Customers & Business

We thought it might be helpful to share some of the things we have learned or marketing ideas we are using at Sage with our clients to help empower you as well.

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Cached Out: WordPress, Caching and You

Have you cleared your cache? Browser caching may seem like the enemy, but learn how it benefits your website and why updates can take time to take effect.

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landing page

Landing Pages: The Rest of the Story

Should you use your home page as the landing page tied back to your ads? Check the basics of the best landing pages and how to optimize them for advertising

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ranking on google

Guaranteed to Rank #1 on Google

Did you get the email promising “Website Guaranteed to Rank Number 1 on Google”? Know how to weed through the phoney-baloney and the real ranking factors…

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Branding Using Consistent Messaging and Imagery from SageMG - photo of delicious donuts

Viral Marketing: The Value Of Creativity

While viral marketing can be fabulously creative, the value is not just in creativity. It’s in the retention. Learn how you can marry the two successfully,

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writing your own website content

Writing Website Content

With time, resources and comfort level, writing website content can provide your company with a valuable asset. See which pages add the most value.

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The Benefits of Working with a Marketing Agency

Have you considered working with a marketing agency to make greater impact at lesser cost and in less time? If you haven’t, let’s talk about why you should!

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Do You Really Get Your Customers?

Keeping pace with the digital marketing takes a lot of endurance. Before you muscle up your marketing plan do you have the consumer insights to back it up?

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google my business

If I Use Google My Business, Do I Really Need a Website for My Local Business?

Wondering if your local business needs a website when you already use Google My Business? Consider these factors before foregoing your brand’s website.

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inbound video marketing

Inbound Video Marketing

The use of video marketing is growing more important every day as a tool to expand your digital footprint. Learn more about using video in marketing.

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online ads

Do Your Users Hate Your Online Ads?

Monetizing a website with advertising isn’t a novel practice. But using these types of ads on your website should be avoided at all cost.

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Directly Advertising To Your Existing Contacts: Cul-De-Sac Approach

Did you know you can directly target existing contacts and customers in your database with advertising through Google, Facebook, YouTube, and more?

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nike hat

What Is Branding?

What is branding really? The definition can often times be complex and often times convoluted. Let’s first try to understand the value behind a brand.

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globe with flags

Improving Local SEO with Google My Business

Learn how having a complete and up-to-date Google My Business listing can help to improve your local SEO rankings in search engine results.

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ecommerce site

Which Ecommerce Platform Should I Use?

A comparison of the 4 top ecommerce solutions to guide you in selecting which of the ecommerce platforms is right for your business in the short and long term.

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What Should Really Live In Your Footer?

At the bottom of 99.9% of all websites is a non-mystical space we refer to as The Footer. Learn about what you should consider as part of your footer design.

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Search Engine Rankings 101

The higher your search engine rankings, the more likely your site will be found and engaged with. Learn what you need to know about getting on the first page.

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computer coding

Should I Build My Own Website?

If you’re planning to design a new website, you’re probably asking, can I build my own website? It’s a valid question, but there’s lots to consider.

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mail icon

Hit ’Em in the Inbox Part 2: Creating Google Ads Gmail Ads

You can create Google Ads Gmail Ads using a variety of ad templates specific to single or multi-offer promotions to reach your target audience.

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hand on paper

A Guide to Logo Design: The Importance of Quality

Get tips on how to design a logo from the creatives at SageMG. We use four stages to create unique and relevant logos.

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What is Fanatical Marketing?

The unrelenting determination and effort to create sweet projects that make our clients so happy they want to cry.