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Mastering Common Marketing Terminology for Websites

Mastering Common Marketing Terminology for Websites

  Creating and managing a website involves a unique set of terms and concepts that can sometimes be overwhelming for …

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instagram business account

How To Set Up Your Instagram Business Account

  There’s no question that Instagram is a powerful social media marketing tool, with over 2.35 billion users on Instagram …

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woocommerce vs. shopify, which one is better

WooCommerce Vs. Shopify; Which One is Better?

Two popular e-commerce choices, WooCommerce + WordPress and Shopify, offer unique features and functionalities. We get asked all the time, “which one is better? which one should I use?”

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Meta Business Spam Messages

Meta Business Spam Messages

Spam Message From Facebook or Meta? You or a business owner you know may have recently experienced receiving a Meta …

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August 2023 Google Core Algorithm Update

August 2023 Google Core Algorithm Update

Google released their second core search update of 2023. Google began rolling out a core update on August 22, 2023. …

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Trademarking Logos Created on Canva header image, hand holding phone with logo on it

The Trouble With Trademarking Logos Created on Canva

Trademarking Logos Created on Canva Canva is a free (with a paid option) online graphic design tool that is widely …

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woman holding donuts over her eyes for the blog human-powered marketing header

Human-Powered Marketing

HUMAN-POWERED MARKETING Humans continue to play a crucial role in marketing despite the advancements in technology and automation. Our 100% …

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social media best practices blog header image. pink background with three citrus lollipops for decoration

Social Media Best Practices

  Social media best practices: sage advice Maintaining an authentic and effective social media presence is crucial for business owners …

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ai in marketing

AI in Marketing

Title: The Evolution of Marketing: Embracing the Impact of AI Introduction to AI in marketing: In today’s digital era, marketing …

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facebook business page admin

Facebook Business Page Roles

  Setting up your business’s Facebook page the correct way will save you from future headaches. There is a right …

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yes we're open

Don’t Go Dark with Your Marketing During Tough Times

  DOORS ARE OPENING AND LIFE IS BEGINNING TO MOVE AGAIN We ran across an interesting story today in the …

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digital door

Ensure the Digital Front Door to Your Business is Welcoming

  LOOKING FORWARD The curve is flattening, and we’re told businesses may soon be able to reopen. You’re probably eager …

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ensure the digital front door to your business is welcoming

Marketing Ideas to Help Your Customers & Business

  (from an email sent on 4/1/20) Hello, Friends. We hope this email finds you safe and well, your dogs …

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Cached Out: WordPress, Caching and You

  What caching is and what it means for your website “Have you tried clearing your cache?” If you have …

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landing page

Landing Pages: The Rest of the Story

  Landing pages. They are those magical pages on your website that pave the path for a potential customer allured …

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ranking on google

Guaranteed to Rank #1 on Google

  And Other Fantastical Claims You Shouldn’t Believe Everyone wants to be number one, right? That desire seems to have …

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Branding Using Consistent Messaging and Imagery from SageMG - photo of delicious donuts

Viral Marketing: The Value Of Creativity

  Viral marketing continues to be one of those buzzwords that just won’t go away. Everyone wants, “to go viral.” …

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writing your own website content

Writing Website Content

  If you have the time, the resources, and the comfort level, writing website content can provide your company with …

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The Benefits of Working with a Marketing Agency

  Like most visitors to the Sage Marketing Group marketing agency blog, you are a trusted marketing executive. To get …

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Do You Really Get Your Customers?

  Keeping pace with the dynamic, forever evolving landscape of digital marketing takes a lot of endurance. But before you …

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google my business

If I Use Google My Business, Do I Really Need a Website for My Local Business?

  Google My Business listings offer a handy way to get information on your local business in front of the …

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inbound video marketing

Inbound Video Marketing

  The Value Behind Using Video Marketing If you are an active reader of The Chromatic Blog from SageMG, you …

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online ads

Do Your Users Hate Your Online Ads?

  A Look at the Most Hated Online Advertising Techniques Do You Place Ads On Your Website? It’s no secret …

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Directly Advertising To Your Existing Contacts: Cul-De-Sac Approach

  Breaking Down the Doors of Digital Marketing How to Target Ads To Your Existing Contact List You’re either a …

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nike hat

What Is Branding?

  So, what is branding? The word “brand” usually has a very wide and subjective definition. To some people the …

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globe with flags

Improving Local SEO with Google My Business

  In the world of retail business, awareness is key. People can’t stop in or give you a call if …

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ecommerce site

Which Ecommerce Platform Should I Use?

  A Comparison of the Top 4 Ecommerce Solutions How Do I Pick an Ecommerce Platform? It’s no secret that …

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