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The Value Behind Using Video Marketing

If you are an active reader of The Chromatic Blog from SageMG, you might see that we are strong believers in the power of video marketing. Search across the Interweb and you will find all sorts of data that shows audiences spend more time on websites that include video, and are better engaged and better informed. In a sound bite society, the use of video marketing is growing more important every day. And, it is probably safe to say most all marketers know and understand this importance by now.

Video for Inbound Marketing

As inbound marketers explaining video’s role in light of your inbound marketing strategy can be complicated. Current video marketing efforts typically focus around creating the most compelling video you can develop, whether it be a training video, informational, educational, or something more awareness oriented. The problem is in most cases this is where the marketer’s effort ends. The video is created, stuck on a website or social media platform, and then forgotten in the hopes that it goes viral. It’s a nice thought, but unrealistic. What you really want is to expand your digital footprint.

Those are Big Feet

If you are using an inbound marketing strategy, you need to start thinking about using video marketing differently. Consider these three tips when creating the biggest digital footprint:

  1. Post where appropriate. This is mentioned above. You need to post to all relative outlets. Don’t post everywhere, but post where the audience will find value. However, don’t just do “drive by posting.” Post with intent. Every post you make should be linked to your conversion path in your inbound marketing efforts. When someone wants to respond, what’s their next step? Completing a form? Downloading more content? Accessing more video? Consider how to capture the viewer’s information as well as further engaging that viewer with additional content delivered via marketing automation efforts.
  2. Don’t sell. Educate. There’s a time for a sales video. It is called a commercial. Expanding your digital footprint should not be confused with creating commercials. Expanding your digital footprint should include informing and educating your audience. The folks at Animoto conducted a survey that suggested 4 out of 5 customers deem demo or educational videos as most helpful. By helping your audience you are moving them further through the sales process so by the time they commit to your product or service, you are at the top of their minds.
  3. You want more leads, right? Get them. The purpose of inbound marketing can be distilled down to what we call: Better leads, faster. Forrester Research found that your website is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of a search result if it includes video. If that doesn’t convince you we are not sure anything will.

Jump on In

Sure, everyone wants a well-developed and professionally done video. If you have a budget to create those types of videos you will be rewarded handsomely. However, here’s the catch. While better-produced video does resonate with the viewer more and might communicate your company’s or brand’s idea better, don’t let a budget on a shoestring be a reason to keep you from creating video. While a well-produced video is appreciated, the fact is “regular” video is still far more effective than plain ol’ web pages as your conversion paths.

Video with the right message and delivered to the right audience will always win out over straight up copy on a page. There’s an ocean of opportunity for you with video. Jump on in and see the results.

And, if you believe in the power of video, but just don’t have the ability to pull it off, we’d love to help. Check out our range of video capabilities.

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