About us

Working with the fanatics at SageMG will change the way you think about marketing.

Sage Marketing Group is a full-service branding and digital marketing agency in Fort Collins, Colorado. While our roots are in branding and traditional marketing, we jumped into digital-first thinking early on. Today, working with businesses to develop unique, sweet and savory combinations of digital and automated marketing solutions while building a solid brand foundation is how we spend most of our time.

Working with SageMG will change the way you think about marketing. We’re fanatical about helping businesses grow, and that attitude reflects in our relationship with our clients. (We’ve considered getting client logo tattoos, but our designers are so particular about logo placement it just never worked out.) We invite you to get to know us and maybe even stop in for a little beer:30 creative session.

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so, why sage?

 We do two things better than any other marketing agency our size, shape, and color:

we're fanatical

This is our insatiable need to obsess over getting it right for the client, whatever “it” happens to be.

We’ve been known to build up what appears to be the perfect solution only to tear it down because it is not exactly right. Others might hand off a project to a client that’s a 95% solution, but not us. We take it to 110, 120, whatever it takes. Our goal is to make you so happy you want to cry.

we do a lot of stuff

We do it ourselves. Most boutique marketing firms of our size outsource a good chunk of their work to outsiders. You hired us, so we should do the work.

Under our roof, we have experts in website design, branding, digital marketing, graphic design, copywriting, marketing strategy, video, and just about any ingredient required for successful results-oriented marketing.  

The SageMG Fanatical Marketing Process


Learning all the deets about the project and its goals for success.


Developing the messaging and the means for the desired outcome.


Combining words, images, and technology into an impeccable package.


Spreading the joy in print or across the interwebs.


Confirming the approach made an impression on the intended audience.


Bumping fists, cracking cold ones, and wiping happy tears from our eyes. (When our clients get excited, we get excited.)

have we hooked you?

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What is Fanatical Marketing?

The unrelenting determination and effort to create sweet projects that make our clients so happy they want to cry.