Web Design

Create an online presence for your brand sprinkled with benefits that will show people how your brand can solve their problems.

Web design technology has evolved immensely in the past few years, from HTML5 to parallax and infinite scroll to responsive websites that give you no excuse to look bad on mobile to vibrant, seamless video that puts viewers into the middle of the action. With many websites, you don’t view them, you experience them.

Experts say 75% of any purchase touches the Internet. That means probably 100% of your customers and potential customers are visiting your website.  So, why are you ignoring it?

We hear it all the time. “My website doesn’t sell anything. I just need an Internet presence.”  Guess what? People aren’t just going to your website; they’re going to the websites of your competitors, too. And if those other websites look better and function better than yours, the natural assumption is going to be that the companies behind them are better than yours as well.

So, while you may not have an ecommerce component on your website, your website is selling your brand. And if your site is outdated, it’s likely not doing its job.

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Web Design that Works

The SageMG web design team can create a website that works for you. And we provide just the level of assistance you need. We can give you a turnkey package by writing the content, designing the graphics, and programming it into a beautifully functioning, responsive site that looks great on every device from a smartphone to a conference room monitor. Or you can give us the words and images and we can do just the programming. Or we can do a combination.

Regardless of who provides what, we’ll program your website using our advanced search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to make sure it’s indexed by search engines and found by potential customers.

We’ll even provide the web design for your website in an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) so if you want to, you can make many of the website updates yourself when it’s time for updates. (WordPress and Shopify are our faves.)

And if you need web hosting and ongoing site maintenance, we can do that, too, cost effectively and reliably. Now that’s fanatical thinking.

Don’t think your website is doing its job? Don’t sweat it. Chat with us about how to get started on your way to a sweet new site.

e-Commerce? Yes, please.

Case Study: italian wood carvings

This client came to us with a Shopify website that was in desperate need of a facelift. The Shopify framework was in good shape, but the content, layout and branding (or lack thereof) was calling out for some love. Learn More about Shopify.

homepage: before

(Scrollbar to view)

italian woodcarvings child page before

homepage: AFTER

(Scrollbar to view)

italian woodcarvings website layout

After we completed the refresh, we compared 90 days of the new data, from the previous 90 days and the numbers speak for themselves:

total sales




Total website rebuild + rebrand? Easy.

Case study: Santangelo Law Offices

Santangelo Law Offices came to us looking for a full rebrand and rebuild of their website. We were more than happy to be a part of this transformation. Drag the arrows to see the before (green) and after (red).

santangelo before sage marketing groupsage marketing group santangelo law web mockups

Web Design for all industries

bello haven home page shopify website by sage marketing group
bello haven child page shopify website by sage marketing group
rinna beauty home page design
rinna beauty website tablet mobile view
hammersmith structures home page design
hammersmith structures child page design
holcombe mixers g2 desktop web design
holcombe mixers g2 tablet and mobile design
john fearless home page design
john fearless product page design
colorado natural balm home page design
colorado natural balm product page design
italian wood carvings home page shopify website by sage marketing group
italian woodcarvings product page website by sage marketing group
team player productions home page design
team player events mobile design
allura home page design
allura website child page design
biobubble home page design
biobubble child page design
on demand concrete web design
on demand concrete child page design
mobile and desktop mockup
tablet and desktop mockup
QBT home page web design
QBT child page design
workwell website design
workwell child page design
suzanne m wright sculptor shopify site
suzanne m wright sculptor shopify site
mielke home page web design
mielke interior concepts web design responsive
cheyenne women's clinic web design
cheyenne women's clinic child page design
vei web design
vei web design
maximum painting web design
maximum painting responsive design
mckee wellness foundation website design
mckee wellness foundation mobile design
total facility care home page design
total facility care child page design
tom sawyer roofing and construction child page design
tom sawyer roofing and construction web design
international medical relief homepage web design
international medical relief mobile design
lush lash desktop website
lush lash web site design tablet view
silver contracting website design
silver contracting web design about page

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