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we are serious about our work, but we try to not take ourselves too seriously.

doug larson sage marketing group


Chief Marketologist
Doug is the Principal and Founder (2002) of Sage Marketing Group. His marketing background consists of Fortune 100 level training on brand development, integrated marketing communications, event marketing and production as previous co-owner of TeamSage Productions and strategic marketing. When he’s not in the office, his first escape would be spending time with his wife and two children. As time allows, you would most likely find him on a river fishing. While he likes to fish he mostly likes to hang out where the fish live.

anne smith

The Optimizer

Anne has been obsessed with writing and marketing for more than 20 years. Her expertise is in all things words for digital marketing campaigns, website content/SEO, branding and messaging, and any other tactical approach that helps Sage clients reach their goals. When she’s not in the office, you can often find her on her bike in the mountains where she’s known to email herself with new marketing ideas that popped into her head while hammering a trail.

kevin sage marketing group

kevin heyse

Creative Renaissance Man

Kevin’s focus is in a broad variety of creative fields. Whether it’s solid graphic design, unique illustrations, photography, video editing and effects, animation, or web design; he creates innovative art to meet the client’s and end-user’s needs. An avid painter at home (digital and traditional), Kevin also enjoys spending time with his family, hiking, cycling, gaming, and building with Lego bricks.

sarah moran

Graphic Goalkeep

Sarah loves creating brand identities for new clients, as well as helping existing brands present their best side online and in print. Whether that’s through brand boards, web design, logo or packaging design – she is always excited by the new challenges this ever-changing industry presents. In her free time she enjoys travel, painting, baking, and warm sunny days on a patio with a good beer.

matt sage marketing group

matt workman

the codesmith

Matthew is a web developer and designer, and loves the challenge of building, hosting and maintaining websites for Sage’s awesome clients. When he’s not elbows deep in code, he spends his free time camping, fishing, or sampling the many fine breweries around Fort Collins.

rachel arehart marketing maverick sage marketing group

Rachel Arehart

Marketing Maverick

Rachel brings a menagerie of marketing skills to the team. From graphic and web design, to social media management, video production, digital marketing, and more, she’s bringing innovative ideas to Sage and our amazing clients. When she’s not slinging marketing projects, she enjoys hiking, reading, painting, sailing, and laughing at her own jokes.

Ashlyn Adair

Task Master

As a new Coloradoan and native southerner, Ashlyn is excited to explore everything Colorado has to offer. With a degree in Industrial Design, she is eager about her work in production art! When she’s not deep in Adobe Illustrator or all things print, Ashlyn loves to settle in to a good documentary, work on digital illustrations, or go on a hike to do some birdwatching.

Zach Marburger

Digital Don Quixote

From copywriting to social media management to working with influencers, Zach spent years traveling the world as a digital marketing nomad – but Colorado has always been home. At Sage, we keep him tethered to his chair and focused on implementing the latest tech trends and best practices. When he’s not pacing around the office, you can find him exploring the mountains of the front range, watching baseball, staying up too late reading, and planning his next trip.

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