Beer:30 Creative Sessions

usually happen during that magical time between 3-4pm on friday afternoons

We’re fortunate to live in Fort Collins, Colorado, which, from our perspective, is the craft beer capital of the universe. And most of us enjoy quaffing a cold one from a local brewery, although we do have a soda addict on the team who would rather consume from that direction. (We firmly believe in equal opportunity.)

Beer:30 just happens to be that magical, random time usually later in the day and in the week when we hit the work pause button to take a little time for contemplation. We gather ’round the conference room table and talk about work projects and cool videos and perfect ideas that just need a client to go with them.

Clients are always welcome to join in the fun, as are those who aren’t yet clients but want to get to know the SageMG team a little better. Tell us you want to stop by and we’ll let you know the deets on our next session.

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