We ran across an interesting story today in the Wall Street Journal that reminded us of some training we learned long ago in other down markets. While “going dark” and shutting off all communications/promotions isn’t ever advisable, you certainly don’t want to “be dark” when things start to pick up.

PLEASE, DO NOT GO DARK AT THIS TIME. If there is ever a time your customers need to hear from you, it is now.

As our economies come back online, those that are out in front and letting their current and prospective customers know they are ready to serve will be the first rewarded. Yes, it might be mentally (and financially) tough to buy into this concept, but the reality is people are buying, and they are going to buy from companies that are giving signals they are ready to sell.

This article will provide some insight that food, retail, travel, medical, professional services, and most all industries are now seeing an uptick in business. For eight weeks Sage Marketing Group saw no new activity; we just did work for existing clients. Just last week we had four new inquiries. Your company needs to proactively communicate to customers that your goods/services are ready for them.

You can read the Wall Street Journal story here. If you can’t view the story, we have provided a link via the button below, to our screen capture of the article. And in doing so, they’d probably like that we mention they offer subscriptions if you have used up all your free views.

Also, if you didn’t get a chance to read our story a few weeks ago about planning your Digital Front Door for the new normal, please take some time to read it here. It might give you some good ideas on planning how to proceed.

Keep on hanging on, and we look forward to hearing your stories about how you came back from this stronger than ever.

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