Facebook Business Page Roles

Setting up your business’s Facebook page the correct way will save you from future headaches.

There is a right and wrong way to set up your business’s Facebook page. Setting up your page incorrectly in the first place can create problems later on when trying to create a Facebook Business Manager and Facebook Ads account, as well as changing page owners or admins.

creating a business facebook page

Creating a Facebook page for your business is essential for a few reasons. One important one is that it is technically against Facebook policies to use a personal account for commercial or promotional purposes, and it could result in your personal account being deleted altogether.

A Facebook business page has special features that are helpful for business owners. Now called Meta Business Suite, the platform allows you to manage all business activity between Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram from one destination. This suite includes a post and story scheduler and planner, Ads platform, demographics, and other helpful tools to create and maintain a successful social presence.

Through this Meta Business Suite, agencies or marketing groups (like Sage MG, for example 😉) can gain access to your social media and tools, allowing the agency to create ads and have administrator roles to help you manage your pages.

A tricky piece of the puzzle, is that Facebook requires every business page to be linked to a personal Facebook profile when created. 

You would want the owner or creator of the Facebook page to be someone likely to be involved with the business or organization long term, but the page owner can be transferred later on if set up correctly the first time.

What not to do

Some of the best advice we have to offer, is if you aren’t 100% sure, consult a professional.

We have encountered many situations where clients have lost access to their Facebook accounts. This can happen for a few reasons.

A common issue we see is a former employee removing themself as an owner or admin, or a business owner removing a former employee without realizing they could lose access to their entire page by doing so.

A page owner being removed without transferring the page to another Facebook profile can result in nobody truly “owning” the page, even though some might still have admin or a lower level of page access.

Another common issue we see is when all page admins are removed, which leaves no admins to assign other page roles. You must have an admin to allow others to be admins.

We recommend consulting us, Sage MG, when considering making a change to your page admins or ownership. Accidentally removing an admin could result in losing your page forever.

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