Logo Design services from Sage Marketing Group

Sage Logo Design for the Sagest of Brands

While branding a product or company involves way more than having a nice sexy logo, if logo design is what you need, Sage Marketing Group is the place to go. You may have a logo that you hate, a logo that needs a little spicing up, or no logo at all. It doesn’t matter where you want to start, the Sage graphic designers will create a logo that you love.

Creating a functional logo design is a process. We start out with a plethora of different ideas in black and white, then have you narrow them down to a few that you like, tweaking the designs at your direction as we go. Then we add color to help you make your final decision. Voilà! The result is the perfect logo that communicates the essence of your brand.

See some examples of nice, sexy logos we’ve designed:

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