Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services from Sage Marketing Group

Be the DJ, Not the Jukebox

Drop the Bass, Adjust the Treble

Whether you have a budget on a shoestring or you struck it rich, investing your marketing dollars the right way counts. When it comes to running paid campaigns for your product, service, or event, that logic is no different. We stake out the opportunity and assess whether it’s worth pursuing.

We employ Search Engine Marketing (SEM) through pay-per-click advertising positioning your brand and offer at the forefront of users in search engines. It means exactly what it sounds like – you only pay for the clicks your ad campaign gets. Wiki-wiki-wa! Unless your only objective is to build brand awareness, we trust you want to move leads through the buyer’s journey and into your funnel. Why pay to play with no action?

Top hits include:

  • Google Search
  • Display Network
  • Gmail Ads
  • YouTube
  • 3rd Party Partners

Tracks remixed to target by:

  • Keywords
  • Search Queries
  • Location
  • Devices
  • Interests
  • Browsing behaviors
  • …and more!

Let’s drop your brand’s beat, turn up its noise, and amplify your offer’s presence. Whether your audience is searching, streaming, or skimming, search engine marketing sponsors their experience. Lend an ear to how SEM took Fort Collins Club to a higher decibel.

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