Marketing Automation Services from Sage Marketing Group

Marketing Automation Tends the Garden

The bees and butterflies that keep moving top to bottom are a sure sign of your funnel’s strength. But sometimes you get rotten fruit or weeds in the mix. Ain’t no one got time for that.

With inbound marketing you have the power to tailor content to your prospect wherever they are in the funnel, but also respond to their decisions in an automated fashion.

That means you can focus on educating your prospect and nurturing your leads rather than weed whacking the if/then decision game by hand. The trusty weed whacker is all programmed for you from the start and is flexible to scale with any marketing or sales campaign that comes alongside it.

The Power of a Planted Seed

Hugh hits Google to search for a commercial landscape design firm where he discovers your blog post about Considerations for Selecting a Landscape Architect.

In that blog post, you’re positioning a premium content offer for the spec sheet guys like Hugh should have ready to roll before approaching a firm. He clicks the call-to-action button where he is redirected to a landing page with a form. He throws in his name and email so he can download that spec sheet. It’s all coming to fruition. You have a client opportunity, Hugh, who you can work to qualify as a lead.

So, you start to nurture Hugh, sending a follow up email with a case study on your most recent project. You’ve outlined the challenges and how your firm overcame them. Did Hugh open the email? Send him more info. Did he forward it to others on his team? Pick up the phone and see if you can find a time to connect his team and yours. Did he flat out just mark it as spam? Hornworm. Depending on the actions he takes, you can develop your marketing automation funnel to respond accordingly.

The branches of the decision tree are infinite and the roots goes as deep with each lead as you’d like.

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