Graphic Design Services from Sage Marketing Group

Graphic Design from the Pros

Software programs for the masses like Photoshop Elements, PowerPoint, and Canva have made it easy for average Joes and Joettes to turn out Pinterest-worthy art. But you should want something better for your brand.

There is an art and a science to graphic design, and the Sage graphic designers have university degrees and years of experience that have taught them the finer points of both. They start with a completely blank canvas and physically sketch or digitally build whatever it is you need to represent your brand – logo, website design, ad, brochure, tradeshow booth, poster, anything you need.

They are experts in color, typography, photography, printing, paper stock, digital design, bleeds and crop marks, image types, resolution, and all other aspects of graphic design that most people aren’t aware exist.

Anyone can buy a set of tools to work on a car or build a house. But does that mean they actually know what they’re doing? Same goes with graphic design. The Sage designers have the tools and know how to use them. We can tune up your visual brand or build you one from the ground up.

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