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Steering the Brand for Bovine Pharmaceuticals

Multimin® USA the U.S. arm for an international prescription cattle nutrition supplement company, approached SageMG for full-service marketing, including strategic planning. Multimin USA aimed to increase their reach and subsequently boost sales in the United States while guiding marketing in their international territories. The company had been successful using traditional marketing, emphasizing direct marketing and print advertising, but it was time to reach a new generation of cattlemen and large animal veterinarians digitally. By doing so, the brand and message of Multimin USA would go from reaching hundreds of thousands of prospective customers to millions.

Working under tight legal restrictions and FDA regulations with regard to the claims that could be made about the product, we worked with our client to develop messaging that would speak to producers and the veterinarian community. Ad campaigns urged their audience to avoid compromising the health of their herd while communicating the added benefits to cattle operations and vet practices. With a consistently delivered brand and newfound broad reach, sales for Multimin USA have been strong, dipping by only 3% during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Marketing strategy
brand messaging
digital advertising
social media marketing
email marketing
print collateral
media buying
print advertising
packaging updates

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