About Sage

Under our roof we have experts in website design, branding, graphic design, copywriting, social media marketing, search engine optimization, customer care, underwater basket weaving, and just about any ingredient required for successful results-oriented marketing.


What is marketing? Basically, marketing is storytelling – telling the right story to the right people to make them think or act in the way you want them to.

Motion Graphics

Video allows you share a compelling story like no other medium. I can tell you about my mountain bike ride, or I can put a GoPro on my head and let you experience my endo.


Advertising is everywhere: online, in print, on buildings, even tattooed on body parts. We can design ads for your brand that are made to attract attention and achieve your goals.

Internet Marketing

More than two billion people use the Internet. Using online marketing to reach them just makes sense. Where to start? Sage can help.

Web Design and SEO

Good web design allows people to find your website (through SEO) and makes them want to stick around and learn about what you have to say.


Branding involves way more than having a nice, sexy logo. Your brand defines the essence of your company and the emotional connections to it that your customers make.


Sometimes the best picture to tell your story is one created from scratch. We’re lucky to have talented painters and illustrators on the Sage team, and our clients are, too.

Print Design

The world hasn’t gone totally online yet. That means our wizards of print design can still keep you in business with print ads, brochures, outdoor advertising, and all sorts of graphic design applications that find their way into print.


Mobile phone cameras and Instagram have made photographers out of the masses. But when you need photography to support your marketing plan, we have professionals that will get the job done beautifully.

Wanna Chat?

If you’re looking for help with marketing in any way, shape, or form, tell us a little about yourself so we can study up in advance and we’ll give you a call.

Sage Marketing Group is a full-service branding and marketing agency in Fort Collins, Colorado. While many know Fort Collins as the home of OtterBox, Colorado State University, and the brewing companies of Odell and New Belgium (and a host of other craft brewers that we enjoy visiting), it’s a mecca for companies with great branding of all sizes. This includes companies that have great brands and companies that can create great brands. We like to include (perhaps selfishly) Sage Marketing Group on both lists.

As a marketing agency that provides a mondo range of services, we can step into the realm of marketing for just about any brand and add value. Our core strengths lie in SEOtraditional marketing, Internet marketing, web design, and branding, and the services we provide generally fall into one of those categories.

Come on in and take a look around. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, feel free to drop us a line. If your question is, “Do you do_______?” as it relates to marketing agency stuff (and probably even some other things), the answer is most likely, “Yes, we do.”