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A New Brand of Medicine

Branding is hard work, no matter if you’re trailblazing in the food and restaurant industry or are selling the world’s shiniest bailing wire. When it comes to an industry that is old as time itself, the challenge of developing a brand that conveys authority while also introducing new concepts is a large hill to climb.

Healthy Lifestyle Medicine is a Cheyenne medical clinic focused on individualized medicine and holistic healthcare, which would be considered outlandish and a bit wild by Wyoming standards. Sage Marketing Group was tasked with the project of creating an authoritative website for a clinic that is attempting to disrupt the traditional medical practice. Helmed by a well-respected MD and a knowledgeable staff, our team got to work on this beautiful new site and brand.

Conceptualization and Branding

Healthy Lifestyle Medicine is the brainchild and passion project of Dr. Kristy Van Kirk. After years of practicing as an Ob/Gyn, Dr. Van Kirk decided to strike out on her own in order to bring a clinic to Cheyenne focused on wellness, proactive healthcare, and individualized medicine.

This clinic evolved into Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, a clinic that provides patients in Cheyenne with individualized, integrative healthcare to put them on the path to holistic well-being, rather than simply treating symptoms. Dr. Van Krik’s aim is enhancing the ability of people to be their healthiest, incorporating traditional women’s healthcare with wellness approaches for men and women, which include nutrient IV therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and nutrition and weight loss counseling.

Dr. Van Kirk is well-known and respected in the Cheyenne community, so the idea behind the brand was to stay connected with her existing client base, while also remaining inviting to new clients who may be unsure of the alternative, non-traditional medicine approach.

Anne Smith, The Optimizer, took charge on the branding efforts for HLM. Sleek, tight copy was the name of the game in order to keep the message clear and concise, without getting into the weeds of medical mumbo-jumbo, a common pitfall of many other providers.

Website Design

Sleek, attractive, and clean; that was the name of the game when it came to the design of the brand new website for Healthy Lifestyle Medicine. While the design leans toward a more feminine audience, the holistic feel is meant to invite anyone who is interested in better well-being, male and female alike.

Our Graphic Arts Goalkeep, Sarah Rudy, took point on a lot of the design concepts and implementation on the Healthy Lifestyle Medicine website. With the warm colors reminiscent of an Arizona skyscape, the invitation to a healthier, brighter outlook on life and wellness, as well as peace of mind and reflection the end of a day can bring were the goals with this subtle yet powerful color scheme.  

The site navigation lies on in a left sidebar, rather than a traditional top nav. With the streamlined navigation and concise, strong copy on the site, this navigation bar is not only friendly and intuitive for a user experience, but feels modern and sleek, which describes the Healthy Lifestyle Medicine brand perfectly.

The team at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine saw their website as an opportunity to connect with the clientele, which is why their “About Us” page has a shortage of professional headshots and instead provides an insight into who these women are and why they are qualified to provide advice and knowledge.

Dr. Van Kirk wanted to display the human side of her team. It’s not uncommon to find most patients feeling a strong disconnect from their doctors, and the Healthy Lifestyle Medicine team wanted to turn that on its head. Happy patients lead happy lives, and happy lives start with health and well-being. 

Healthy Lifestyle Medicine is the authority on overall wellness, alternative medicine, and holistic treatments that many patients seek out for ailments and general improvement in their lives. We love their new brand and site design, and we think patients will too.

If you like what you see and want to talk to us about getting your company a new website or rebranding your image, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Sage Marketing Group and discover the difference of Fanatical Marketing.

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